Shoot, blow up, defeat yourself . . .



  • W, A, S, D and Arrows – switching menu items
  • Enter – select


  • W, A, S, D and Arrows – Movement
  • Space, Control – shooting
  • Enter – next replica
  • Esc, P – pause menu
  • F11 (F10) - on/off full screen mode.
  • F12 - on/off CRT effect.

Creative Commons attributions:

Graphics, References from Generic OLDWEST Pack.

Sound samples from FreeSoundGeneric OLDWEST Pack.


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Download 11 MB
Download 20 MB
Download 19 MB
Download 32 MB

Development log


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Background music lags between scenes (WebGL version)

In fact, there are just 2 music tracks following each other, the transition between levels does not affect in any way. One track for the main menu, 2 for levels.